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Product Details:

This Product was designed to save DIY investors countless hours of researching the best funds to build a portfolio without the need of “stock picking” individual companies.
Because of the recent popularity and sheer amount of ETFs & Closed-end Funds available, investing in individual companies (stocks) is no longer necessary for the average investor.
Whether its Growth, Income or Dividend Growth: This product will assist DIY Investors who invest in the Canadian (TSX) or U.S. (NYSE / NASDAQ) Stock Market to build their own portfolio according to their Investing objectives and style. 20 Sample Portfolios tailored to different investing goals included!

Product includes:
220+ ETFs listed on the Canadian & U.S. Stock Market
90 Closed-end Funds listed on the Canadian & U.S. Stock Market
20+ High-Yield Split Share Funds listed on the Canadian Market
10 Canadian Sample Portfolios tailored to different Investing Objectives
10 U.S. Sample Portfolios tailored to different Investing Objectives
Blank Portfolio Tracker Template
List of some Popular Canadian and U.S. Online Brokers

New & Improved in Version 4:
Updated and Improved Sample Portfolios
New “Alternative Options” Column for more choices in Sample Portfolios
6 Additional “Streamlined” Sample Portfolios
Split Share Fund Rating System
Additional ETFs & Closed-end Funds added

20 Sample Portfolios:
10 Canadian Portfolios & 10 U.S. Sample Portfolios
1. 1a &1b: Income (8%+ Yield) – Full & Streamlined Version
2. 2a &2b: Low Risk Income (6%+ Yield) – Full & Streamlined Version
3.  Aggressive Income (10%+ Yield)
4. Growth (Passive Index Investing)
5. Aggressive Growth (Passive Index Investing + Emerging Sectors)
6. Dividend Growth (Dividend Focused)
7. 7a &7b: Mixed Strategies – Full & Streamlined Version

Breakdown of 7 Excel Spreadsheets Tabs:
Tab 1 – 220+ ETFs Designed for Growth, Income or a bit of both (Balanced)
Tab 2 – 90 High-Yield Income Funds (Closed-End Funds)
Tab 3 – 20+ High Yield Split Share Funds listed on the Canadian Stock Market
Tab 4 – 10 Sample Portfolios for Canadian Investors (Canadian Stock Market)
Tab 5 – 10 Sample Portfolios for the U.S. Stock Market
Tab 6 – Blank Portfolio Template
Tab 7 – List of Online Brokers

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367 reviews for Ultimate DIY Investing Package v4 (Free Lifetime Updates)

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  1. Stéphane H. (verified owner)

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  2. Piyush Gaglani (verified owner)

    too many options – please limit to top 5-6 in each

    (2) (6)
    • investinpassiveincome (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback. There are options for all types of investors, and the filters are placed to find what you want.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    To date the info is excellent. Regular updates are important even with a reasonable fee attached

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    • investinpassiveincome (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback! The info in this package is relevant in any type of Market (Bull, Bear, Flat) and yes, we will issue regular updates

  4. Terry D. (verified owner)

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  5. Peter T. (verified owner)


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  6. Amancio (verified owner)

    Very good! Nice to have all the information regrouped in one place. Would have been nice to have an exemple portfolio to follow but overall very good.

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  7. Max Pham (verified owner)

    I think the information is useful for first time investors like myself who does not know where to start. Using those spreadsheets will give me an overview about different funds. My hope is to be able to analyze and pick certain stocks/ETFs for my portfolio someday when I have enough confidence. Overall, it is a good start for anyone who likes to learn how to invest.

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  8. Randy Lee (verified owner)

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  9. Peter Branecky (verified owner)

    Rise to 99$ and include 1 free 1:1

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  10. Rohit Patel (verified owner)

    I wish you would add more USA security options,

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    • investinpassiveincome (store manager)

      v2 updated includes: 85+ ETF’s and Funds Listed on the U.S. Market (NYSE & NASDAQ)

  11. Lawrence Freedman (verified owner)

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  12. Alexandre Alami (verified owner)

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  13. STEVE W Boily (verified owner)

    Great overview of the top ETF’s, Split Funds, REITS US and CAN to invest in for everyone, depending on your risk tolerance. I am using this package to manage my investments/dividend income!!

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  14. Matthew B. (verified owner)

    Fantastic product!! Saved me years of research all for such low price! A great place to start if you want to do this investing style. 4 stars just to keep you hungry to keep getting better

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  15. David Stearns (verified owner)

    Suggest you have a simple one-day conference in the US to have people set up their accounts with their laptops and actually get started. I think a couple hundred would attend and be happy to pay 150.00 This is your moment in history where you have what people want and you need to deliver it in groups to be practical. This could not be more difficult than scheduling individual appointments. Your wife might be the best at showing details to the group. She seems charming and smart. You have changed my life already.

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  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  17. Luc L. (verified owner)

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  18. Gary G. (verified owner)

    Very interesting strategy but not 100% convinced. Will be setting up ~ 1/3 of my portfolio as a test run and see how it goes.

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  19. Kun Huo (verified owner)

    TBH, I bought mainly to support the channel and because I am fan of Adrian’s delivery. It is nice to get a spreadsheet though. My only gripe is that I thought the spreadsheet will come with updated prices to put the per unit dividend in perspective. I know it is always changing but an average price over the last year could be very helpful. Hence only four stars. But I think you got something good going and looks like you have fun doing it. I would not have known about the covered call strategy if not for your videos.

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  20. James (verified owner)

    Very helpful. I understand this is based on passive investing but hoping for a bit more growth/dividend portfolio

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  21. Stephen Lupi (verified owner)

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  22. Melanka Zuidervliet (verified owner)

    Very good, but as a European I’m not able to buy all of them unfortunately.

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  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  24. Michael C. (verified owner)

    A reasonable price for all the work you put into it.

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  25. Larry (verified owner)

    Great work putting this together. Would like to see Ex. Dividend date in future versions

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  26. Terry Lauzon (verified owner)

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  27. David McIlmoyle (verified owner)

    Be nice if u included the current yield of each etf.

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    • adriano.starinieri (store manager)

      That changes everyday buddy, so it would be useless to put a Yield 🙂

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good portfolios- like it

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  29. gary gorgo (verified owner)

    New customer, just hoping you had more ETF’s and CED Funds available for US customers. The major of your information is for Canadian customers. But I still enjoy it.

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  30. L Soldera (verified owner)

    Hi Adrian & Erica, Well thought out and comprehensive analysis. Might be enhanced by including a Risk column (low, medium or high). I would replace the Annual Management Expense with the Management Expense Ratio since that is what the buyer will pay. For example, ZWK has a 0.65 Maximum Annual Management fee but its MER is 0.71 and I would have thought this ETF would have a medium risk rating since it’s dealing with US banks but it’s actually classified as high risk. Also, I would want to know the historical rate of return on each of the portfolios, back tested say for each of the last 10 years. Overall, the info is great especially for new investors and those not very willing to research independently. Thank you both for your product.

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  31. Albert F. (verified owner)

    Liked the links to Yahoo Finance as a time saver
    A link to where you address the funds in question on your You Tube channel would be a nice addition to your written commentary

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  32. Bernard Ross (verified owner)

    It’s very helpful and informative! One thing that’s annoying is that some of the sample Canadian portfolios have US listed stocks. I think it’d be better if you gave alternative sample portfolios that were purely Canadian for those of us without access to RRSPs

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    • adriano.starinieri (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback. I agree, in the next version the Canadian sample portfolios will not include any U.S. Listed Funds 🙂

  33. kevin (verified owner)

    It is a fantastic tool for the passive investor. The one thing I think would be nice is if you were to put up your current TFSA, RRSP and PERSONAL portfolios for us to look at and see where we may want to change some of our own. Your channel has completely changed how I invest and now it’s nice to not be staring at the market everyday and wondering when to sell and hold.

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  34. Tom Flood (verified owner)

    would like it if, for the 4 portfolios, there was a recommendation for which type of accounts to use each under, ie rrsp, tfsa, non-reg

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    • adriano.starinieri (store manager)

      Hi Tom, They are good for all accounts equally. There are no circumstances in which some would be better in one account vs. the other, this is a matter of personal choice and personal investment goals

  35. Gary Woodbeck (verified owner)

    It is early yet as far as results but you have some of the same as I have.I am starting to take some of your exciting picks and raise some more capital.My son got me on to you,Thx.I have been investing on his behalf for years and now he is helping me!!!

    (1) (0)
  36. Todd Sutherland (verified owner)

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  37. Lori (verified owner)

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  38. Brian Jordan (verified owner)

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  39. Ralph Colebank (verified owner)

    Would be great to see backtest results for each portfolio. A program such as Vectorvest can run backtests to see how a portfolio would have done over the last 1, 3, 5, 10 years. This would be import to see, vs the Market returns over the same periods.

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  40. Dauphin (verified owner)

    Excellent reference product ! In the future , perhaps including a customizable dividend tracker portfolio spreadsheet in the package would make this a truly brilliant product . Perhaps to be considered for Version 4 ? Very happy client :))

    (0) (0)
    • adriano.starinieri (store manager)

      It will be there in v4!

  41. Usman (verified owner)

    I was expecting it to have a tab with Adriana’s portfolio with live updates. However it does provide good information generally.

    (0) (0)
    • adriano.starinieri (store manager)

      My Portfolio is already free to download in the Free Tools Section of my Website 🙂

  42. Peter Campitelli (verified owner)

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  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  44. Rajiv (verified owner)

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  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The package is useful when combined with Adrian videos. Also educate yourself in relation to investment and trading to benefit the most

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  46. Aaron Brawn (verified owner)

    Great information, however it requires a bit of investing knowledge ( basics of what a ETF is; how it differs from a mutual fund; basics of moving from a managed portfolio to a self managed; how much money is required to get started; how safe are these investments vs the actively managed mutual funds most people have; etc ). I’ve found it useful sitting down with the person and walking thru these questions. As a newer self managed investor, bridging this gap has been the biggest hurdle.

    (0) (0)
    • adriano.starinieri (store manager)

      hi Aaron, thanks for your feedback. But this is not a Course, its a simply reference tool or companion tool to help you build a portfolio. Its not a course on the very basics of investing. Maybe we will work on a course one day… who knows 🙂

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A little trivial but when adding symbols the entire name should automatically download. I really enjoy this strategy. Thanks.

    (0) (0)
  48. Vic Miklausic (verified owner)

    This takes time to understand and learn. For myself and Adrian, I think it is a wonderful tool that gives the information for those “junkies” like ourselves who live and breath macro economics and passive income trading. The sample portfolios are good and easy to understand for those “non Junkies”. The videos are a great supplement but there is a feeling that somehow it could be made into 2 products. The current one for those who understand and one cheaper product for those who are so called amateurs who just want to know what stocks are good and what the pool they should choose to make their own portfolio. I do not know how this can be done but a 2 tiered product(s) maybe be better. The current format for those who understand and one for beginners. But that would be tricky as liability then becomes an issue. But great work and keep it up. Enjoy life in Panama and Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyone! God Bless.

    (0) (0)
  49. Nicolas Guillot (verified owner)

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  50. Ben Silva (verified owner)

    Excellent product; little adjustment needed SVOL: put Y to US listed fund. Thank you.

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  51. Gordon Sparks (verified owner)

    Very helpful – but a lot of info to digest!

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  52. Daryl Beck (verified owner)

    haven’t quite figured out how to use all your tools yet

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  53. Alexandre Langlois (verified owner)

    It’s perfect for someone who is a beginner and want some guidance with investing.

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  54. Dale B. (verified owner)

    really helped give me some real direction

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    • adriano.starinieri (store manager)

      glad to hear it!

  55. Sergio Galati (verified owner)

    Very happy with the package. It is concise and easy to navigate to find the various funds. I added my own tabs to see my real rates of returns inclusive of the end of day stock price and dividends.

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