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$990,00 Portfolio: $11,652/month of Passive Income

This download is .xls file of our entire Passive Income Portfolio. This Spreadsheet contains all 6 of our Investing Accounts: 2 TFSA’s, 2 RRSP’s and 2 Cash (Non-Registered) Accounts. A Blank Portfolio you can use for your investments is included.

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Monthly Split Share Fund Report

This download is .xls file on the Split Funds covered on the YouTube Channel. The file includes the following details: Class A NAV Price, UNIT NAV, Market Price Date, Class A Market Price and if the Split Fund is trading at a Premium or Discount.

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Monthly Report Card:
My Stock Picks. 1 Year Later Review

This download is a .xls file of the Report Card. I go back and revisit my stock picks of the month from 1 year ago and check out how the stock is doing, one year later. 

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Beginner Investors – 5 Portfolio Samples (Outdated – Update coming soon!)

This download is .xls spreadsheet with 5 Portfolio Samples invested in the best ETFs on the TSX. It is automated with formulas, plug in your numbers and it will automatically calculate your monthly dividend passive income! Video Tutorial is available via a link in the spreadsheet

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