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Adrian and Erica, co-founders of Passive Income Investing.
We’re an ordinary first-generation Canadian Couple.
We both started working in our early teens and had successful careers in the Technology field earning a good living.
But we were in the same boat as most people: Working for Money instead of the Money working for us.
In our twenties and early thirties, we lived below our means, allocating most of our disposable income to paying off our mortgage as quickly as possible and invest in the Stock Market.
At the beginning (2012) we were “Active”, “Value” Investors, trying to Buy Low and Sell High
However, constantly watching the stock market and trying to analyze trends was time-consuming and stressful.
We did this for several years until 2017-2018. The experience showed us something very interesting.
Most of our portfolio was individual stocks, not generating much income.
Anytime we’d sell to get the gains, it triggered Capital Gains Taxes.
Moreover, constantly watching the value of the portfolio fluctuate daily was unwanted stress.
We also noticed the little money we invested in Dividend Stocks earned us a small amount of Passive Income every month.
We began to pay bills with this income.
It was great to know our money was generating more money and we could use it without touching our initial investment.
This was a major breakthrough for us!
We decided to switch our investing strategy and focus on dividend-paying investments (Investing for Income rather than Capital Gains via Share Price Appreciation)
Once our mortgage was paid off in mid- 2018, About 60-70% of our salary was going into the Dividend Portfolio and we paid our bills with the Passive Income earned. Internet, Netflix, gas, groceries.
It’s a wonderful thing!
Then, Adrian spent a couple of months in deep-dive research on various dividend-paying stocks/funds: Closed-end Funds, ETFs, REITs, Split Funds etc.
He discovered many funds with unique characteristics primarily designed to generate Income rather than Capital Appreciation
We learned the funds using these income enhancing strategies like Covered Calls or Leverage are designed to hold long term and provide a great source of Passive Income higher than Single Dividend Stocks
Money in hand now, using the passive income to pay our living expenses and reinvesting the rest was a much better fit for us, rather than invest in something and waiting years (betting on the future) for the investment to grow.
Additionally,  the holdings in the funds are mostly Blue Chip, well-established companies, diverse in sector and region.
This eliminated the stress of Stock Market fluctuation and we slept much better because of it!
We began to switch our strategy to focus primarily on these investments.
We continued to invest the majority of our salaries into the Dividend Portfolio, and more of our living expenses were being completely paid off by the passive income.
We believe so much in this Passive Income Investing Strategy, that in 2019 we sold our paid-off condo ($450,000+ value)  and invested the entire amount into our Stock Portfolio.
Today, our portfolio Passive Income easily pays off all our living expenses.
We finally became Financially Independent in our Mid-30’s and joined the FIRE club.
What a great feeling! Subscribe to our channel, get to know us, learn more about our Passive Income Investing Strategy, and see our journey!
The most valuable thing we learned out of all of this is if we can do it, literally anyone can.
The stock market is really not as scary as most people think.
You just need a Strategy and stick to it. Our experience and journey demonstrate how well the Passive Income Investing strategy works.
The biggest lesson we learned is that Time in the Market always beats Timing the Market
Now our mission is to share the Passive Income Investing Strategy with the world!
The Passive Income Investing strategy essentially creates one’s own Paycheck by investing in stocks and funds holding the best, blue-chip companies that are designed to provide Income Long Term.
We created this Ultimate Dividend Passive Income Investing Package so you don’t have to spend years researching these stocks & funds and learning how they work.
Also, if you have questions or want more personalized help, book a one-on-one video session with Adrian 

Disclaimer: We are not licensed financial advisors, nor are we affiliated with any financial institutions. This is for educational purposes only