1 on 1 Coaching Session

Q: Are you a Licensed Financial Planner or Financial Advisor?

A: No – I am NOT a licensed Financial Planner/Advisor

Q: How can I pay for the One on One Coaching Session?
A: We accept Interac e Transfers (Canada) , PayPal and Credit Card Payments (U.S.). If you chose Credit Card, the Appointment will be instantly approved. If you chose Interac e Transfer or PayPal, manual payment is required afterwards: Payment Instructions will be be sent via email once you place your order

Q: What is included in the One on One Consultation?

1) one-hour live video meeting with me personally where you can ask me all your questions. I will do my utmost to help you and answer your questions but I will cannot “advise” on on where to invest your money. I will, however help you understand how certain funds work and their objective to help you make a better decision on where to invest your money.

2) A free copy of the latest version of the Ultimate DIY Investing Package (Lifetime Updates NOT Included)

Q: I booked for a One on One Consultation, what happens next?
A: You will receive a confirmation email with the Date and Time, along with Payment Instructions if you selected Interac e Transfer or PayPal. Note that the time is in the EST Time zone. The meeting will be facilitated using ZOOM. The Zoom invite will be sent to your email. If you do not receive it 24 hours before the meeting, please check your JUNK mail. If you still cannot find it email us: investinpassiveincome@gmail.com
Q: I booked and paid for a One on One Video Consultation, what should I prepare prior to the meeting?
A: You can prepare a list of questions you might have and a description of your current situation and send it to us in advance via email (investinpassiveincome@gmail.com). The more info you provide before the meeting, the easier it will be for me to help you. It can also help save on time

Q: I invest on the American Stock Market,, can I still book a One on One Coaching Session?
A: Yes, you can, i also have extensive knowledge of the U.S. Stock Market, but remember that i do not have knowledge on the types of investing accounts or tax knowledge in the U,S.

Q: How do I book a One on One Consultation
A: Watch the Video on the Homepage to learn how to Book a Session. Talk soon!

Ultimate Dividend Passive Income Investing Package

Q: What does the Ultimate DIY Investing Package include?

A: This Digital Product is the result of years of my own research in hunting down the Best Stocks and Funds in order to build a Portfolio for the 3 main Investing Strategies: Growth, Dividend & Income

See Details and video showcasing the entire product here: https://passiveincomeinvesting.ca/product/ultimate-diy-investing-package/

Q: I bought and paid for the Package, what’s next?

A: You will receive an email with instructions on how/where to download the product. Once purchased (and Paid for) you can immediately download the package directly in My Account -> Downloads

Q: I bought and paid for the Package, what happens if you come out with an updated version?

A: Don’t worry, you will be able to download the updated version for free, as the Product includes lifetime updates. You only need to buy it once 🙂. When a newer version comes out, you will be able to downloaded it at the exact same spot as the previous version My Account -> Downloads

Q: I’m American, can I still buy the Digital Product and is it worth it?

A: Yes, you can as it has U.S. listed funds as well and U.S Sample Portfolios. Details here: https://passiveincomeinvesting.ca/product/ultimate-diy-investing-package/

Q: Where can I purchase The Ultimate Dividend Passive Income Investing Package

A: Link to purchase the package here


Q: What is your Investing Strategy and Philosophy?

A: The Passive Income Investing Strategy focuses on a LONG TERM, BUY and HOLD, Income-Oriented Investing Strategy. The goal is to invest in order to achieve a High Level of Safe, Consistent & Sustainable Passive Income while being Diversified in terms of Sector and Region. We focus on Yield Enhancing Strategies like Covered Calls and Leverage, which Prioritize INCOME rather than Share Price GROWTH. The goal is to gradually increase your Passive Income until you become Financial Independent like us. Live on the Interest and Never touch the Capital + sleep well at night as this Strategy is not dependent on Share Prices like the Growth Strategy is.

Q: Where can I learn more about your background and FIRE journey?

A: You can learn more about us here: