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Product Details:

This Product was designed to save DIY investors countless hours of researching the best funds to build a portfolio without the need of “stock picking” individual companies.
Because of the recent popularity and sheer amount of ETFs & Closed-end Funds available, investing in individual companies (stocks) is no longer necessary for the average investor.
Whether its Growth, Income or Dividend Growth: This product will assist DIY Investors who invest in the Canadian (TSX) or U.S. (NYSE / NASDAQ) Stock Market to build their own portfolio according to their Investing objectives and style. 20 Sample Portfolios tailored to different investing goals included!

Product includes:

10 Canadian Sample Portfolios tailored to different Investing Objectives (Growth, Income & Dividend)
10 U.S. Sample Portfolios tailored to different Investing Objectives (Growth, Income & Dividend)
300+ ETFs listed on the Canadian & U.S. Stock Market
90 Closed-end Funds listed on the Canadian & U.S. Stock Market
20+ High-Yield Split Share Funds listed on the Canadian Market
2x Blank Portfolio Tracker Template
Canadian and U.S. Online Brokers List

Breakdown of 8 Excel Spreadsheets Tabs:
Tab 1: Knowledge Base – Beginner’s Guide, Stock Market Terminology, Useful Resources
Tab 2: 10 Sample Portfolios for Canadians – Canadian Stock Market
Tab 3: 10 Sample Portfolios for Americans – U.S. Stock Market
Tab 4: 300+ Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) – Canadian & U.S. Stock Markets
Tab 5: 90+ Closed-End Funds (CEFs) – Canadian & U.S. Stock Markets
Tab 6: 20+ Split Share Funds (Split Corporations) – Canadian Stock Market
Tab 7a & 7b: Blank Portfolio Templates
Tab 8: List of Online Brokers + $50 Questrade Offer Code

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391 reviews for Ultimate DIY Investing Package v5 (Free Lifetime Updates)

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  1. Steven (verified owner)

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  2. Jacques Fournier (verified owner)

    You have a lot of split share and covered call funds; hard to evaluate portfolio risk; some funds are too recent to make any calculation…In general it is a good research and usefull.

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  3. Gerard Crocker (verified owner)

    Hello…I have reviewed the package and have enjoyed your information and portfolio reccommendations. One area of suggestion to really beef up the content and analysis is how to compare one fund against another by analyzing the fundamentals such as p/e, roa, mer, etc. I have my own tool that I use to analyze these numbers so when choosing one fund over another I can see who carries more debt or has better performance. You have developed a good tool but an annex that describes what is a covered call versus a split fund versus a closed fund would make a nice reference tool. Please continue to expand and improve the package as it is great for a beginner. I will continue to follow you on YouTube and would be more than happy to pay extra for a more robust tool. All this takes time and effort but as you grow your legitimacy with a more knowledgeable audience will expand. Good luck and keep up the great work.

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    • adriano.starinieri (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback Gerard. In depth analysis is not something I do or feel is necessary for a Passive, BUY and HOLD Income-Focused Investor. I don’t do that and I do just fine. That is more for individual stocks, which is not what my strategy is about. In fact, I suggest to avoid single companies altogether.

      I have a video that showcases the product from A-Z, so you should have watched it before purchasing the product if this is what you were expecting.

      Regarding your comments about an Annex section that describes Covered Calls, SPLIT Funds etc., that’s a good idea but note that I already have videos on my YouTube channel that covers that in detail.

  4. chad rice (verified owner)

    Hi Guys,
    I have mixed feelings on the Ultimate DIY package.
    First off, let me say that personally, I really didn’t mind paying $60 for the product. I feel that your youtube videos and companion website / Facebook group provides so much free content, the $60 fee seems insignificant. In other words, the $60 is more than a fair cost for everything I learned.
    A SINGLE score rating is difficult for me: there are aspects which are great such as the ETF/Closed-End Fund/Split Share listings which would warrant a 4-5.
    Where is the HYLD or HDIV/F? I assume these funds weren’t available when this version was done. This is my biggest quibble and I’m wondering if not being up-to-date would warrant a low score. A year between versions might be a stretch. I don’t know what effort goes into creating or maintaining this package, but perhaps updating more often – maybe version 3.1, 3,2 etc?

    For me, I used the package along with your recent portfolio reveal downloads. These two items helped me build my new PII portfolio (thank you!).

    I would recommend it to others looking to build a portfolio, but I’d recommend it as a PART of a larger system: the videos, the website, the Facebook group.

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    • adriano.starinieri (store manager)

      Hi Chad, Yes some of the newer Funds are not in this version but will of course be added to version 4, which will come out shortly. There was a delay for the new Version due to our BUSY Panama move. My plan is to update it annually at the very latest going forward

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