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This package helps DIY Investors who invest in the TSX (Canadian)  or the NYSE/NASDAQ (U.S.A) Stock Markets to build their own portfolio according to their investment objectives.

This package is designed to save DIY investors countless hours of research: The package includes 14 Sample Portfolios tailored to different investing goals.
Thanks to the recent popularity of ETFs & Closed-end Funds available, investing in individual stocks is no longer necessary for the average person, which makes diversification, portfolio balance, and sustainability easier for the average DIY investor.
Ideal for DIY Investors
Ideal investments for TFSA, RRSP & regular Cash accounts in Canada.
Ideal investments for 401K, IRA & regular Cash accounts in the U.S.
What you get:
Product includes:
-175 ETFs listed on the Canadian & U.S. Stock Market
-75 Closed-end Funds listed on the Canadian & U.S. Stock Market
-25 High-Yield Split Share Funds (Canadian market)
-30+ High-Yield Single REITs & Stocks listed on the Canadian market
-14 Sample Portfolios tailored to different Investing Objectives (see below)
New & Improved in Version 3.0:
10 Additional Sample Portfolios (14 total) Details below
Additional ETFs & Closed-end Funds added
American Friendly: New Filter to search U.S. Listed Funds with ease
Improved Filters:
Search ETFs by “Type”: Growth, Income or Balanced
Search ETFs & Closed-end Funds by Fund Manager, Sector, Region, etc.
14 Sample Portfolios Included:
7 Canadian Portfolios & 7 U.S. Sample Portfolios
-Income (8%+ Yield)
-Aggressive Income (10%+ Yield)
-Low-Risk Income (6%+ Yield)
-Growth (Index Investing)
-Aggressive Growth (Index Investing + Speculative, Emerging Sectors)
-Balanced (Mix of Growth & Income: 6-8% Yield)
-Dividend Growth (Dividend Focused: 3-4% Yield)
Breakdown of 7 Excel Spreadsheets Tabs:
Tab 1 – 175+ ETFs Designed for Growth, Income or a bit of both (Balanced)
Tab 2 – 70+ High-Yield Income Funds (Closed-End Funds)
Tab 3 – 25 High Yield Split Share Funds listed on the Canadian Stock Market
Tab 4 – 7 Sample Portfolios for Canadians
Tab 5 – 7 Sample Portfolios for Americans (U.S. Stock Market)
Tab 6 & 7 – 30 High Yield Stocks & REITs on the Canadian Stock Market

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296 reviews for Ultimate DIY Investing Package v3-Free Lifetime Updates – (Payment instructions at the Checkout Page)

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  1. Steven (verified owner)

    (1) (4)
  2. Jacques Fournier (verified owner)

    You have a lot of split share and covered call funds; hard to evaluate portfolio risk; some funds are too recent to make any calculation…In general it is a good research and usefull.

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  3. Gerard Crocker (verified owner)

    Hello…I have reviewed the package and have enjoyed your information and portfolio reccommendations. One area of suggestion to really beef up the content and analysis is how to compare one fund against another by analyzing the fundamentals such as p/e, roa, mer, etc. I have my own tool that I use to analyze these numbers so when choosing one fund over another I can see who carries more debt or has better performance. You have developed a good tool but an annex that describes what is a covered call versus a split fund versus a closed fund would make a nice reference tool. Please continue to expand and improve the package as it is great for a beginner. I will continue to follow you on YouTube and would be more than happy to pay extra for a more robust tool. All this takes time and effort but as you grow your legitimacy with a more knowledgeable audience will expand. Good luck and keep up the great work.

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    • adriano.starinieri (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback Gerard. In depth analysis is not something I do or feel is necessary for a Passive, BUY and HOLD Income-Focused Investor. I don’t do that and I do just fine. That is more for individual stocks, which is not what my strategy is about. In fact, I suggest to avoid single companies altogether.

      I have a video that showcases the product from A-Z, so you should have watched it before purchasing the product if this is what you were expecting.

      Regarding your comments about an Annex section that describes Covered Calls, SPLIT Funds etc., that’s a good idea but note that I already have videos on my YouTube channel that covers that in detail.

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