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About The Passive Income Investing Strategy

You have money to invest.

You’re watching YouTube videos, doing research, looking at options, to make an informed decision on where to invest your money.

That’s great!

The conventional method is to invest in assets that will at some point in time return you more money than you started with.

In our consulting experience, two points always come up regarding this conventional method.

  1. How long before I see this money again? – Should I sell when I’m up? Wait a little longer for more? Hold it for 30 years?
  2. What if I need the money now and it’s not the right time to sell?  – During a bear market, pandemic, stock market crash, natural disaster, etc…

The Passive Income Investing strategy provides a solution for these two problems

  1. Cash Flow
  2. Time

With this strategy, there is no speculation, no day trades, no secrets, instead you’re investing in companies that provide essential services that everyone uses every day.

The investments earn you dividend income, without touching your capital.
Never worry when is the right time to sell because the investments earn you money now,  effectively solving your cash flow problem while maintaining your time in the market.

It’s common knowledge that over a long period of time the stock market goes up, therefore Time in the Market always beats Timing the Market.

Eventually, your monthly dividend income will pay back your initial investments.
Similar to the analogy of paying off a rental property, as the monthly rent pays off the mortgage, so does monthly dividend income pay back your initial investments.

Why the strategy works for everyone

Depending on your lifestyle and situation, the amount required to invest in a Dividend Portfolio varies and is subjective to each investor, however, the strategy works for everyone.

If you already have money invested with a financial manager but believe you can get better results investing on your own. – You can transfer your large sum of money into a Dividend Portfolio or sell a property, some assets and invest in a Dividend Portfolio

If you earn a great salary, but all your money goes to bills, mortgages, school loans, etc.. and you’re looking for options. – You can use your Dividend Portfolio to pay off some of your expenses as you continue to earn salary income.

If you’re young and have no idea what do to. – You can build towards the goal of having your Dividend Portfolio pay for living expenses.

No Speculation. No Day Trades. No Financial Advisor. Buy & Hold dividend income investments and collect the monthly passive income, without touching your capital.
If you want to build your own diverse Dividend Portfolio check out The Ultimate Dividend Passive Income Investing Package